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TaksaalPlay is a popular Ludo earning app, accessible for download on both the Play Store and iOS. Enjoy the classic game while earning rewards on your preferred mobile platform. The classic board game, Ludo, with the potential to earn rewards or real-world benefits. This app allow users to play Ludo online, either against friends, family, or other players from around the world, and in doing so, accumulate points, prizes and even earn real money. Typically available for download on mobile devices from app stores like Play Store and iOS App Store, these apps bring the joy of playing Ludo into the digital age while introducing a competitive element that allows players to earn while they enjoy this beloved pastime. This app often come with various features, including leaderboards, tournaments, and bonuses, making them a popular choice for both casual gamers and those seeking a fun way to potentially win prizes.

Why Choose Ludo Earning App?
ludo earning app
Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Play Ludo on your mobile device whenever and wherever you like.

ludo earning app
Multiplayer Experience

Compete against friends, family, or other players online, fostering social interaction and friendly competition.

ludo earning app
Entertainment and Rewards

Enjoy the classic Ludo game while having the opportunity to earn money & exciting rewards.

Ludo Game App Highlights

Online Ludo Game rules

The rules for playing the online Indian Ludo game app are typically based on the traditional rules of the Ludo board game. Below are the standard rules for playing Ludo online:

Objective: The main goal of Ludo is to move all your tokens from the starting area to your home base while knocking out opponents’ tokens along the way.

Players: A typical Ludo game can have 2 to 4 players.


  • Each player selects a color (red, blue, green, or yellow) and takes four tokens of that color.
  • Tokens start in their respective starting areas.
  • A six on the dice is required to move a token from the starting area to the starting square.


  • Players take turns rolling a six-sided die.
  • The number rolled on the die determines how many spaces a player’s token can move.
  • Tokens move around the board in a clockwise direction.
  • Tokens must travel the full circuit of the board and reach their home column before they can enter the home base.
  • Players can enter their home column only when they roll the exact number needed to reach the home base.
  • Tokens can knock out opponent tokens by landing on the same space they occupy. Knocked-out tokens are sent back to the starting area.
  • If a player rolls a six, they get another turn.


  • The first player to get all four tokens into their home base wins the game.
For Downloading Ludo Game App for Android & IOS refer to our blog post.

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Why Ludo is the most popular online game?


Ludo is easy-to-understand rules make it accessible to players of all ages and backgrounds.


It invokes feelings of nostalgia, as many have played the physical board game during childhood.

Social Interaction

Ludo can be played with friends and family, fostering social interaction even in the virtual space.

Multiplayer Mode

Online versions offer multiplayer options, allowing friends and strangers to compete together.

Rewards and Competition

Earning cash rewards and competing against others add an exciting dimension to the game.

Cross-Platform Availability

Ludo apps are available on both Android and iOS, increasing accessibility.

Ratings & Reviews

Rahul Singh


“I’ve played a lot of Ludo apps, but taksaalplay is a standout. It’s super easy to use, and the multiplayer mode keeps me hooked. Plus, the rewards add that extra element of excitement!”

Aman Rawat


I’ve been addicted to Ludo since I was a kid, and this app takes it to a whole new level. I appreciate the security features, and the reward system keeps me coming back for more. Highly recommend!



“I’m impressed with the regular updates—keeps things interesting. The graphics are top-notch. Also gives real cash rewards!”


Most frequent questions and answers

To play Ludo online, you need to download Taksaalplay game app available on Playstore & IOS.

Yes, it is definitely safe to play ludo online on the taksaalplay app.

Yes, its absolutely free to play the game and one can win cash rewards within the game.

Taksaalplay is a multiplayer ludo earning app. You can ask your friends to install the game and then enjoy playing it online with them.

A total of 4 players can play a ludo game at a time.

Taksaalplay was made for the sole purpose of earn while having fun. The app gives real cash payouts upon winning.

Their are many reasons and benefits of choosing taksaalplay as your favourite gaming app:
1. Taksaalplay is a trusted, safe and secure to game app.
2. One can win exciting cash rewards and prizes upon winning.
3. Instant cash withdrawals and transfer of funds to your account.

To improve your Ludo skills, practice regularly, learn different strategies, and observe how experienced players make their moves.

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