All general rules of the Tournament would apply

  • All players all assigned random colored tokens at the beginning of the game.
  • All the tokens are in the open position. You don't need to roll a 6 to begin the game. Just a tap on the dice followed by a tap on the token    you wish to move is all it takes.
  • All players get an equal number of moves to play and have 15 seconds to move

Tie breaker rules would apply if two players have equal scores at the end of the round. The rules would b applicable in the order as below:

  • A player with the higher number of tokens at the home position.
  • A player with a higher number of opponents kills.
  • A player with a token at a most advanced position.

How long does a round in a Tournament?

A 2-player game has a time limit of 8 minutes and a 4-player game has a time limit of 10 minutes.

What happens if I register but the tournament is cancelled?

In such an event, the entire entry fee will be refunded to your wallet.

What happens if the total registration for the tournament are less than the maximum available slots?

If the total registration is greater than the minimum number of registration required to hold a tournament but less than the maximum available slots, some players will be given a walkover to the next round. In rare instances when a walkover is not possible, the entry fee will be refunded to the player's account.

What are the different Tournament formats?

We have multiple Tournaments runnings throughout the day. The format varies in the number of winners per tournament, number of players per table(2 players and 4 players), and number of players progressing to the next round(1 player and 2 players)

How do I win the highest prize money in the tournament?

The highest prize money can be won only after winning all rounds in the tournament.

What happen if I only win a few rounds but do not make it to the final rounds?

The Tournament can have prize money for multiple ranks.The details are available in the 'Prize Distribution' section above.

Is anything else should I know?

For any other queries related to the game, you can visit our FAQs sections.