How can I refer and earn?

Under the refer and earn tab in the app your referral code is displayed. Share the code to the person you want to refer and at the time of signup that person has to enter your referral code. after successful sign up with your referral code, you get the offer money in your deposited wallet or bonus point or both depending on the referral program running by us.

Can I use my referral code more than once?

We care about safety big time — and so do your site's visitors. With a Shared Hosting account, you get an SSL certificate for free to add to your site. In this day and age, having an SSL for your site is a no-brainer best practice. Not only does an SSL help your visitors feel safe interacting with your site — this is particularly important if you run an e-commerce site.

Can this referral code be used in any other platform or at any other place on in any other app?

No, this referral code is exclusively for taksaal users only and can only be used on the taksaal platform only depending upon the company policies.

How to refer to someone?

Under the refer and earn tab you see your code. below your code is the share button which automatically shares your code through social media or messaging apps or via the suitable options available on the app.

How can I get the reward of the referral program?

The bonus of the referral program is instantly sent to your wallet after the person you referred successfully signed up with your referral code. . If you are still doubtful regarding anything you can reach us at